Allmeeting H22


  1. Election of meeting leader and secretary
  2. Election of protocol signers
  3. Approval of the invitation and agenda
  4. Approval of the protocol from last utflukt
  5. Interviews
  1. Discussion subjects

Report of the organizations activity.

The board explains their report of how the strategy for last semester has been executed. (This can be skipped since it is an extraordinary utflukt)

Accountance from current semester

Economy chief explains the economic status of the current semester. (This can be skipped, since there probably is few changes since last allmeeting)

Round of discussion

Members tell about their contributions since last meeting.

Overview of current projects

The utflukt goes through active projects and delegate responsibility for projects.


Strategy for next semester

The board proposes a strategy for next semester. (We can skip this)

Budget approvals

Potential budget approvals.

Change of statutes

Suggested changes of the statutes.

Other pre-announced subjects

Discuss downtime of Gjertrud and moving all services to Konrad

Move the day of the re-occuring "Dugnad" from Thursdays to a day where most people are avalible

Potensial other subjects that are announced beforehand.

(Suggestion) Discuss potential ways of steady income.

I think we should start thinking about ways to generate some revenue through steady income.


  1. Election of leader (Skip)
  2. Election of second-in-command (skip)
  3. Election of economic chief (skip)
  4. Election of PR-chief
  5. Election of Social-chief
  6. Utnevnelse av guruer (maybe)


  1. Spunk & Spank
  2. Criticism of meeting