Become a member

How do I become a member?

If you believe that friByte is a good fit for you, or that you are a good fit for friByte, just send a short application to Tell us a little bit about who you are, your abilities and why you want to become a member. If you are still wondering what being a member is like, you may find the answer below. If not, don't hesitate to ask!

What is friByte?

friByte is an independent student organization which performs secure and stabile IT services for other student organizations in Bergen. We are a volunteer organization, known for our great parties and rich learning environment! We have frequent meetings (around 1-2 times per month) to evaluate how things are going, do volunteer work, and socialize.

Most of our active members are students, and this implies that we keep a loose internal profile. Our founding document reflects this; The general assembly is required to be an excursion with a subsequent party! A lot of effort is put into sustaining social interactions, not just screen time.

Which duties do I have as a member of friByte?

We require you to:

How much free time do I need to spend?

The members decide themselves, but we try to have around 2 meeting each week. The members decide how long they can stay during the meetings and if they have time to meet up. This can vary depending on what needs to be done, but of course studies are always a priority. We try to avoid a ton of working/meetings around the exam periods.

What systems do we use?

We mainly use Linux-based operating systems for servers. On work stations we use distros we are comfortable with. This can be anything from Ubuntu to Arch. When it comes to server distros we primarily use Ubuntu, Debian and OpenBSD. There are no rules on which distros our members choose. (As long as they work :D)

What do our members study?

At the time of writing, we mainly have students from the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences at UiB, but we also have some from the faculty of social sciences. They study everything from Computer Technology to Cognitive Science to Economics. There is also no requirement that you have to study at UiB, or that you have to study something technological. Any student in higher education in Bergen can become a member!

What do I need to know before I apply?

There are no knowledge requirements to apply! Although you are well on track if any of these apply to you:

What do our members know after having been here for a while?