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We have several clients that use our services, and you can see a full list below. We're always looking for new clients, and are always ready to answer your questions. If you have any, or wish to use our services, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to post@fribyte.no!

We are also in close cooperation with the IT department at UiB.


Det Akademiske Kvarter

Det Akademiske Kvarter is the cultural house, café, restaurant, venue and bar for Bergenese students. They are cooperating tightly with organizations like Bergen filmklubb, Studentteateret Immaturus and Studentersamfunnet i Bergen to host regular events.

Det Akademiske Kvarter uses the following of our services:

Bergen Student-TV

Bergen Student-TV (BSTV) is a television production company for and by students at the various educational institutions in Bergen. They produce, among other things: news reports, multi-camera productions, entertainment series, documentaries and live streaming.

BST uses the following of our services:

Studentradioen i Bergen

Studentradioen i Bergen is a local radio that was started in 1982. They broadcast advertising-free radio, by and for students, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This involves programmed content, including music, as well as podcast production. They have a license to broadcast on FM (107.8 MHz), DAB and internet radio.

Studentradioen uses the following of our services:


Studvest is a free local newspaper that was founded by students in 1945 under the name And og Vilje. They are a weekly newspaper with an average circulation of 8500 newspapers every day. They cover topics within student culture and news that affects student life.

Studvest uses the following of our services:

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