About us

What is friByte?

friByte is a student organization that originated from E-tjenesten, the Academic Quarter's former IT department. In 2002, a group of students from E-tjenesten wanted to start an organization that focused on the operation of advanced IT systems. With that in mind, friByte was established to deliver secure and stable IT services to the student culture, student media and political student organizations.

friByte is a "non-profit" organization, which means that we do not take dividends from the profits, and that the members volunteer instead of recieving compensation. friByte has been active for 19 years and has now grown to include a selection of dedicated students and professional clients.

All our members are or have been students. This means that we have a relaxed internal dynamic, and our founding document reflects this; General meetings are supposed to be an outing with a following party! A lot of effort goes into maintaining the social environment, not just in front of a screen.

What is the goal of friByte?

We also focus on operating as many IT solutions as possible for various student organizations. See our clients for an overview of the student organizations we assist.

Where are we located?

We do not have a physical meeting place or office, but we have a server room at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Of course, we want to change this and are currently looking for suitable premises.