Web hosting

friByte offers web hosting (or web hotels, as we say in norwegian 😉) to student organizations who need a place for their sites. In contrast to regular web hosts, we offer exactly the services your organization needs.

Her is a sample of what we can offer:

If this doesn't ring any bells, that's totally fine. friByte is a non-profit organization where the goal is learning! Therefore, our members are dedicated towards helping you set up your site. The only thing our income is supposed to cover, is our costs related to servers and other operating costs.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

We also offer Capture the Flag events! Capture the Flag is a team-based coding competition where you have a limited amount of time to collect as many points as possible by solving puzzles. We have developed our own CTF web app, and have created diverse in-house puzzles.

The puzzles can be custom-tailored to your event to fit your needs exactly.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first CTF at our 20 year anniveersary!

Internal communication

We communicate via Mattermost, which we self-host. We use it in order to avoid proprietary services, like Facebook, Discord and Slack. We prefer Mattermost since we are able to separate private and organizational communication.

If you also want to avoid such silos, we offer hosting of Mattermost for your organization.

Internal resources

Meeting Room Booking System

If you are looking for a web service to reserve rooms, we recommend MRBS. MRBS is an open-source system for multi-site booking of meeting rooms.

We also offer hosting of MRBS for your student organization.

Wiki pages

It is important for any student organization to have an internal resource for keeping track of information. friByte offers to host any wiki you desire.

There are lots of alternatives, and friByte helps you find the best fit for your organization.


We like to program at friByte, and it's likely that we can develop what you need. Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail to find out!

Specialized services

Everyone has different needs; this is also true for the internet! Therefore we offer to help you with exactly what you should need. Even if the service isn't listed here, it won't hurt to ask! We consider requests for any potential services 😁

Examples of specialized services are: